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It is a defence of the Parliamentary regime, by then controlled by Oliver Cromwell ; and also defense of his own reputation against a royalist tract published under the name Salmasius in , and others criticism lodged against him. The work was one of the last times that Milton discussed Cromwell's character.

A further anonymous pamphlet attack from the royalist side, Regii sanguinis clamor ad coelum , he rebutted with an ad hominem attack on Alexander Morus , whom Milton wrongly took to be the actual author who was in fact Pierre Du Moulin.


Milton used scurrilous gossip against Morus; scholars have decided that his sources of scandal were at least reasonably accurate. However, the act of writing further strained his failing eyes, to the extent that he could no longer rely on his sight.

Milton begins his work by addressing claiming to fight for truth and freedom who will help reform Europe: [5]. He continues by discussing parts of his life, and explains why he writes instead of fighting as a soldier: [7].

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After defending why he writes, Milton explains his purpose in writing: [5]. It is the renewed cultivation of freedom and civic life that I disseminate throughout cities, kingdoms, and nations.

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But not entirely unknown, nor perhaps unwelcome, shall I return if I am he who disposed of the contentious satellite of tyrants, hitherto deemed unconquerable, both in the view of most men and in his own opinion. When he with insults was attacking us and our battle array, and our leaders looked first of all to me, I met him in single combat and plunged into his reviling throat this pen, the weapon of his choice. He was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

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Just over two weeks before, William, the duke of Normandy, had invaded England, claiming his right to the English throne. In , William is believed to have visited England and met with his cousin Edward the Confessor, the childless English king. According to Norman historians, Edward promised to make William his heir. On his deathbed, however, Edward granted the kingdom to Harold Godwine, head of the leading noble family in England and more powerful than the king himself. William immediately disputed his claim.

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Seizing Pevensey, he then marched to Hastings, where he paused to organize his forces. On October 13, Harold arrived near Hastings with his army, and the next day William led his forces out to give battle. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

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