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Electronic Devices and Circuits.

Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits

Anil K. Maini , Varsha Agrawal. View on ScienceDirect. Authors: G. Editors: N. Imprint: Pergamon.

  1. Engineers make transistors and electronic devices entirely from thread;
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Recent Progress in Aromatic Polyimide Dielectrics for Organic Electronic Devices and Circuits

Introduction List of Symbols 1. Network Theory 2.

Electronic Devices & Circuits - Basic Semiconductor Physics - Bohr Atomic Model

Passive Components 3. Basic Physical Theory 4. Answer : Material, which does not allow the passage of electric current through them. Glass, wood, etc. Question 5. Define Energy Band Diagram? Answer : It is diagram drawn between interatomic spacing along the X-axis and the band energy along the Y-axis. Question 6. What Are Free Electrons? Answer : The valence electrons, which are very loosely attached to the nucleus, are known as free electrons.

Advance Electronic Devices and Circuits (2nd Year)

Answer : The process of adding impurities to an intrinsic semiconductor is called doping. Question 8. Define Intrinsic Semiconductor? Answer : Semiconductor in an extremely pure form is called intrinsic semiconductor. Its valence shell must be tetravalent in nature.

Question 9. Define Extrinsic Semiconductor? Answer : Semiconductor in an impure form is called extrinsic semiconductor. Question Define Valence Band? Answer : The range of energy possessed by valence electron in an atom is called Valence band.

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Define Conduction Band? Answer : The range of energy possessed by conduction electron in an atom is called conduction band. Explain Forbidden Energy Gap? Answer : The separation between the conduction band and the valence band on the energy band diagram. Define P-n Junction?

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Answer : When P-type and N-type are suitably joined together by the conducting surfaces of these two semiconductors is called P-N junction. Define Forward Biasing? Answer : When a diode is forward biased the current is produced because the holes in the P-region and electron from N-region moves towards the junction.

The depletion region formed will be very small hence recombination occurs and current will be produced. Define Reverse Biasing?

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  • Answer : When a reverse biased voltage is given an electron from N-region and holes from P-region moves away from the junction,hence the depletion region formed is very high and hence a small current will be produced due to minority carriers. Define Reverse Resistance? Answer : The resistance offered by the diode in its reverse biased condition is called reverse resistance. Define Forward Resistance? Answer : The resistance offered by the diode in its forward biased condition when a voltage is given is called forward resistance.

    Define Transition Capacitance?