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Jerusalem Poker

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Jerusalem Poker

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Jerusalem Poker by Edward Whittemore

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Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Jerusalem Poker. Book 2. He finances a vast network of spies dedicated to destroying the players, and his aim is to win complete power over Jerusalem. Nile Shadows. Book 3. Slowly, the mystery of Stern unravels as Whittemore explores the tragedy and yearning of one man fighting a battle for the human soul.

Jericho Mosaic. Book 4. Meanwhile, in the desert oasis of Jericho, Abu Musa, an Arab patriarch, and Moses the Ethiopian, meet each day over games of shesh-besh and glasses of Arak to ponder history and humanity. More in alternate history. Ema the Captive. The trip is appalling deprivations and rapes prevail along the way , yet the real story commences once Ema arrives at the fort, where she takes on a succession of lovers among the soldiers and Indians, leading to a brave and grand entrepreneurial experiment.

The Cannibal: A Novel. John Hawkes.

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The Cannibal was John Hawkes's first novel, published in John Hawkes, in his search for a means to transcend outworn modes of fictional realism, has discovered a a highly original technique for objectifying the perennial degradation of mankind within a context of fantasy Yet one is aware throughout that such analysis proceeds only in terms of a resolutely committed humanism. Captain Jon Honorbright, space pilot, definitely has enough to cope with.

What with an unruly and mischievous brace of young lovers. And a cargo of frozen ice lollies - er, somnabulant cryo-frozen genii from past centuries, that is. Some scenes, such as Whittemore's portrayal of the bloody genocide at Smyrna in , shock as much as anything in literature. If the final two volumes of the Quartet are more subdued and more thoughtful, then it may be due to the change in the time of the setting. Nile Shadows takes place mostly in , in an Egypt threatened by Rommel, while Jericho Mosaic details the life and exploits of a deep cover agent between and the late s.

As the novels progress toward the present, they begin to take on more "reality" and shake off the veneer, the exotic gloss, of the earlier novels. In a sense, this makes them of less interest to fantasy readers, but I find it unlikely that anyone who has read Sinai Tapestry and Jerusalem Poker will be able to resist them. Nile Shadows may be the most dialogue-rich of Whittemore's novels, but it also has the most explosive opening pages.

After a grenade is lobbed into a Cairo bar, British agents must investigate the identity and purpose of the only man killed by the explosion. The depiction of the initial intelligence gathering, and the event itself, is breathless and has the effect of a degree camera sweep in a movie, with shifting points of view. Whittemore's CIA experience is even more palpable in this book as we are initiated into the rituals and the dangers of such work.

Others have said it before, but there's no harm in repetition: This may be the most haunting portrait of a spy in the history of literature. Every nuance, every description feels ultra-real. Of all the books, Jericho Mosaic , despite the discussions of three mystical men in a Jericho garden, has the least magic realism element. I have the sense, re-reading the Quartet, that the books were a kind of progression from the deep waters of a well, up into the light, with Jericho Mosaic the most personal book, from Whittemore's perspective.

November Reviews. Locus Online Indexes. External Links. It did not occur to me, given the authority displayed by the text, that he lived anywhere but Jerusalem. Such is the way that a favorite book can convince us. While it is difficult to tell you exactly how influential Whittemore has been on my work, or on me personally, I can tell you that I wrote three-fourths of a novel set in South America that attempted to replicate Whittemore's brand of decade-spanning fiction. In the end, all I can tell you is this: If you believe in fiction much as you would a religion, or if you think that great works of fiction contain insights and wisdom that can literally change your life, or if you have known books that took you on strange but wonderful journeys, then you should read Edward Whittemore.

He will not disappoint you. Footnotes: 1 If I ignore Quin's Shanghai Circus in this article, it is only due to limitations of space and focus. Quin's Shanghai Circus is a stunning short novel, filled with indelible scenes of Shanghai during wartime, and featuring characters that you will rarely encounter again, in life or on the printed page.

Norton, where the novels were first published between and