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Catholics are called to purification and renewal " In so doing, believers seek to fulfill Christ's command that all be united in the love of God.

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He entrusted the Apostles with the mission to proclaim, as He did, the Kingdom of God. Jesus willed that Bishops, as successors to the Apostles, be Shepherds in His Church to the end of time. For unity among bishops, Christ put Peter, and his successors the Popes , as head. In the office of Peter, the Church has a visible source and foundation of unity. The Pope and bishops, exercising the Holy Spirit's gift of truth, may teach without error on matters of faith and morals. T he bishop is called through consecration to sanctify, teach and govern his Church.

Among the more important duties of the bishop, that of preaching the Gospel has pride of place L. The Laity: T he People of God is the laity, religious and clergy. All participate in the "the whole salvific mission of the Church to the world. T he laity have the right to receive the spiritual goods of the Church, especially the Word of God and the sacraments.

Pastors are to encourage the laity to undertake works on their own initiative. Those in authority in the Church must respect the freedom which belongs to all in political and social matters. The Pilgrim Church: "T he Church, to which we are called in Christ Jesus, and in which by the grace of God we acquire holiness, will receive its perfection only in the glory of heaven, when will come the time of the renewal of all things. The Church from earliest times, as the catacombs give witness, has remembered, prayed for and with, and honoured the dead.

T here has been a constant veneration of the apostles, martyrs, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, all closely united to Christ. Catholics continue to ask for their intercessory prayers and the assistance of the angels. The Council teaches that the authentic cult of the saints lies "in a more intense practice of our love, whereby for our greater good and that of the Church, we seek from the saints 'example in their way of life, fellowship in their communion, and the help of their intercession'. Our Lady: M ary, the Mother of God, has been redeemed in a more exalted fashion by reason of the merits of her Son.

The most striking thing about it, aside from the excellent 'Further Reading' suggestions is, however, the absolutely abysmal prose and editing. Among the other horrors, see the extra negation: "current writers on spirituality have been keen to deny that an interest in Christian spirituality is not to be construed as involving only and exclusively personal growth in holiness.

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But boy, a bit of discrimination on the part of the author with regards to sentence structure wouldn't go astray. No doubt this seems petty, but consider that at the end of the day he wants you, dear reader, to take his religion seriously. And how seriously can you take the religion of a man who can write such barbarisms as "It is always a challenge to rise up to the challenges of the legitimate need for reform while attempting to balance that need against the task of fidelity to the past"?

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Challenging challenges, those. View 2 comments. Oct 04, Christy Sifakis rated it really liked it. I had to read this for an intro to Catholicism class and it's probably one of the best textbooks I've had to read for a university class. The chapters were short, making the weekly readings easy to get done. The information was interesting and wasn't presented in a complicated or overly academic way. My only issue with this book was that it could have been edited better.

I noticed a bunch of spelling mistakes and even my professor pointed out things that needed to be fixed. Considering this book I had to read this for an intro to Catholicism class and it's probably one of the best textbooks I've had to read for a university class. Considering this book is coming out of Cambridge University Press more time could have been spent on editing. May 18, Jessie rated it liked it. For a class, but I enjoyed it. Highly informative.

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An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought

New Releases. An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought. Description Michael Hornsby-Smith offers an overview of Catholic social thought particularly in recent decades. While drawing on official teaching such as papal encyclicals and the pastoral letters of bishops' conferences, he takes seriously the need for dialogue with secular thought.

The book is organized in four stages.