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the order of things

You start to notice less sand and more dirt under your feet. Soon you are entering a forest with tall trees and shelter from the sun and the beach seems a long way behind you. This walk seems orderly. There is an obvious progression and change from sand to sand grass, to small shrubs and eventually to fully grown trees. Yet there is a large degree of chaos that exists within the order presented above. Sand-dunes shift. The same issue exists for the seeds for the small shrubs and finally the larger trees.

Chaos exists side by side with order. People who do not understand that chaos and order co-exist are constantly frustrated.

Kevin P. Keating's 'The Natural Order of Things' explores school's secrets -

One of the primary reasons is that humans are chaordic by nature. We have the power of choice and will exercise that choice in both rational and irrational ways. A highly valued staff member resigns and tells you they are leaving the industry. The government changes a law which directly impacts your revenue. I choose to learn and challenge myself constantly in spite of being considered flawed and weak, and lacking formal education beyond a semester and a half of college.

I choose to do these things and have these values because genuine love, understanding and compassion did not exist. I thought it was clear. I was trying to be succinct. Uhh… Okay. If you say there is injustice but no injustice, the universe takes care of it. It could sound like you are condoning apathy to causes of justice. For example, if people felt like gay rights would be taken care of by the universe, that the injustice of them not being able to marry for instance, would just be turned around by the universe, they may not get out and demonstrate or vote.

Does that make more sense? But, you are not like that you fight for causes you see as unjust. Defend your views, take care of the big goals of humanity and get results can be done only with being in balance. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your name and best email to get a free copy of Randy Gage's "50 Secrets of Prosperity" e-book and receive occasional success tips from him. All Rights Reserved. Legal Information. Share this:. Randy Gage : June 29, at pm. Jane Champion : June 30, at am. Marita: June 29, at pm. Being in a Balance or being at Peace … people sought in the world since creation. If more I want to be in Peace, as willingly I overcome challenges and obstacles,accept risks. The more I do, the sooner rid of the disturbing factors.

As a stone that tumble down the hill. Ryan Biddulph : June 29, at pm.

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  2. Ecology and Historical Materialism (Studies in Marxism and Social Theory);
  3. Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments.

Hi RG, Judging according to appearances causes us to forget this great Truth you speak of. Thanks for sharing Randy. Kathleen Caldwell: June 30, at am.

Joe G: June 30, at am. Thomas Edward Mrak : June 30, at am. I aim to be the person that some of the people around me will not: I will encourage others to grow because people did not do it for me. Gabesuarez: June 30, at am. Keeping learning. Lene Jytte Hansen: June 30, at pm. Getting back into balance is key to healing the planet and ourselves. Daryl: June 30, at pm.

Anonymous: June 30, at pm. Randy Gage : July 1, at am. As Allen taught, both the oppressed and oppressor are co-creators in ignorance. Daryl: July 1, at pm.

Thomas Edward Mrak : July 1, at am. The people in your life can make or break you, and we can not always choose them. This is my main criticism of this philosophy. It is useful and empowering, but only to a point. Sorry not sure how you would perceive my post as apathy. Thomas Edward Mrak : July 1, at pm. Instead of asking for clarification, I was judgmental instead. Anonymous: July 1, at pm. Thomas Edward Mrak : July 2, at am.

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Anonymous: July 2, at pm. Give the world the gift of your true self. Thomas Edward Mrak : July 2, at pm. I choose to say these things, in spite of the risk involved. I choose to be a voice for those who do not have a voice, and those who can not stand up. I choose to ignore the barriers to success I and others put up. I choose to communicate with people regardless of background, age, ethnicity, or location.

I choose to help other people grow, because it helps me grow. I choose to limit my exposure to people who are toxic. I choose to believe in the choices of others, even if they make me uneasy. I choose to enjoy my life, spending time exploring. I choose to buy quality over quantity. I choose to value ideas and people over things and money. Lobo Antunes has a deft touch in creating a tapestry of voices out of the jumbled interior monologues of his characters. The Natural Order of Things is both beautiful and intelligent.

Magnificent and enchanting, studded with images. With The Natural Order of Things , the most astonishing of Portuguese novelists has revealed himself to be a fascinating, Proustian explorer of the labyrinths of memory. And today, my love, lying in my bed waiting for the Valium to kick in, the same thing happens as when I used to lie down, on hot summer afternoons, in the coolness of the dilapidated graves: I feel a tombstone decoration pressing against my leg, I hear the grass of the graves in my sheets, I see the plaster Jesuses and angels threatening me with their broken hands.

Whenever I talk about myself, you shrug your shoulders, twist your mouth, and stretch your eyelids in disdain, and mocking wrinkles appear behind your blond bangs, so that I finally shut up, embarrassed, setting the plates, glasses, and forks on the table for lunch as your aunt coughs in the pantry and your father turns the TV buttons in search of the squeals of the soap opera.

And yet, my love, as soon as you fall asleep, your face, scrunched against the pillow, recovers the childish innocence it had when I first saw you, in the snack bar near the high school, and your spiral notebooks and ink-stained fingers made me feel an irrational happiness,. Listen, love. I remember the storm that swept across the tiny square in front of the hotel, and on the square there was a darkish antiques shop with secondhand Buddhas and Spanish fans in the window.

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And I remember the garage of the albino mechanic who fixed cars in the summer, sliding under their engine bellies. It was pleasant.

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On certain autumn mornings the sea and the wind subsided, and there appeared a strip of sand that was soon covered by beach tents, picnic baskets, pyramids of sandals, and families in bathrobes. Mimosas sprouted from the rocks, and the kerosene lamps of former inhabitants wafted in the chalets, until a bus came and swooped up the vacationers to take them, jolting, back to Lisbon, and the waves swallowed the beach, storm clouds covered the sky, neat rows of seagulls screeched on the rocks, flocks of crazed robins flew out of the treetops, and my godmother, indifferent to the storm, took up her crochet needle and dreamed of extravagant American women wearing sandals and Panama hats as if on an expedition to the tropics.

The Lisbon night was sliced by a train running perpendicular to the streetlights of Avenida de Ceuta and parallel to the river flanked by warehouses, pontoons, cranes, derricks, containers, and freight trucks, all waiting for the lemon-colored dawn and the workmen who were already visible in the faint sunlight, walking on their way to the Tagus. There were no cats, but we had a crow with clipped wings that swayed like a cabin boy and indicated latitudes to the secret policemen, who were deathly afraid that an erroneous maneuver might pitch the hotel against the rocks, opening an irreparable hole underneath the balcony windows.

Each morning the crow limped around his ground-floor command post, verifying that we were on course and that there were no enemy battleships, and he was the one who shouted. But I distinctly remember going down the stairs, disconcerted by the seagulls pacing in the open windows, and hearing the crow ask desperately,.