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Aristoteles Politik. Furley, David, and Nehamas, Alexander, eds. Aristotle's Rhetoric. Philosophical Essays. New Jersey: Princeton University Press.


True enough, it took place in the enchanting decor of the Certosa di Pontignano, near Siena; and, as usual, it offered contributions and discussions of the highest order. But this time the publication of the papers met with insurmountable obstacles. It had been initially entrusted to Mario Mignucci and Michael Frede, two of the most faithful and devoted participants in the Symposium. Most infortunately, however, they were both wrenched from our admiration and affection, Mario Mignucci in , after a protracted and merciless disease, Michael Frede in , owing to an unpredictable, sudden accident.

The inevitable ensuing delay for the publication of the XIIIth Symposium has not been caught up with so far and those members of the Organization Committee whom I have been able to contact told me that, in their opinion, it ran a strong risk of never being caught up at all, alas.

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Richard Sorabji: Causation, Laws, and Necessity ; Science and Speculation. Studies in Hellenistic Theory and Practice. Michael Frede: The method of the so-called Methodical school of medicine 1; 2. Jonathan Barnes: Medicine, experience and logic 24; 3. Ian Mueller: Geometry and scepticism 69; 4. Lloyd: Observational error in later Greek science ; 6. Long: Astrology: arguments pro and contra ; 7. Burnyeat: The origins of non-deductive inference ; 8. David Sedley: On Signs ; 9.

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Hankinson: Natural criteria and the transparency of judgement: Antiochus, Philo and Galen on epistemological justification ; J. Allen: Carneadean argument in Cicero's Academic books ; G. Striker: Academics fighting Academics ; M. Burnyeat: Antipater and self-refutation: elusive arguments in Cicero's Academica ; Index Nominum et rerum ; Index locorum potiorum Traditions of Theology.

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Sextus Empiricus and Ancient Physics. Richard Bett: God: M 9. Michael J. White: Cause: M 9. Katerina Ierodiakonou: Wholes and parts: M 9. Keinpe Algra: Place: M Hankinson: Motion: M The authors guarantee that the contribution is not under evaluation in another journal. The authors keep the copyright and convey to the journal the right of first publication, the work being licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License-BY. The authors are allowed and stimulated to publicize and distribute their work on-line after the publication in the journal.

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